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What it takes

Being a Stylist requires more than just curating a look


To stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, I review collections and study trend reports seasons prior to hitting the media, department stores or boutiques. I also attend pop-up shops of emerging designers, runway shows and private label trunk-shows. And details … being detail-oriented is second nature.

Communication Skills

Listening is the cornerstone to effective communication. I pride myself on being able to absorb the details from a conversation and translate a fashion vision in a way that is enthusiastic, professional and understandable. **On occasion my passion overrides and I have to catch myself to give a Twitter-voice version: short and sweet!

Organizational Skills

Stylists oversee and manage huge inventories of clothing, shoes and accessories. Tracking a client’s wardrobe: what was worn to a special event, occasion or red carpet is vital to avoid embarrassing moments like duplicated looks or back-to-back photographs of the same outfit. These skills are close in importance as Aesthetics.

Business Acumen

Starting a career right out of high school,  owning and operating a business at 21 years old set the foundation for establishing a strong business sense. With over a decade of experience running successful businesses and learning how to fail forward, I gained a wealth of skills in “seeing the big picture”.

Here is what they said

Clients’ words

Brooklyn raised me, Philadelphia launched my fashion career

Concrete jungle meets Brotherly love

I.T. Architect

My educational background is in Information Technology as a self-taught Engineer. Being a nerd who builds solutions plays a huge part in how I strategically use my creative muscles to help people look good.

A great joy

One of the highlights while working with Clients is watching the instant transformation that occurs when they love an outfit I’ve styled them in. Cheers to your new confidence.

Trust the timing of your journey

At a young age I designed clothes and even worked backstage at fashion shows. As my skills and talents in the industry progressed, I finally decided to pursue Personal Styling as a way to help people.

Hire me for your next project

Several projects in progress:

  1. Star Fusion Masquerade Gala – Menswear Stylist for VIPs (June)
  2. State Farm® Center for Women and Financial Services – Keynote Presenter for Dress Success Seminar (August)
  3. Choose Courage Foundation Emerge Philly – Fashion Stylist (September)

I thrive in creative, collaborative spaces and would love the opportunity to be apart of your team for editorial projects. If you feel I would be a good fit, let’s connect.